1. Rental Property- The Bathroom

    Rental Property- The Bathroom

    Making a bathroom rent ready may not be too much of a task for those who know what they are doing, but for others making a bathroom appropriate for any kind of guest proves more challenging. Whether your letting your property out as an Airbnb or simply letting it to a tenant, ensuring you cover all bases is essential.

    Décor although not a high priority is important, it needs to be tasteful but practical. People can choose rental properties on their interior just as much as other factors, for example size or outside space.

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  2. DIY- Lift your Bathroom with these Rustic Wooden Ideas

    DIY- Lift your Bathroom with these Rustic Wooden Ideas

    Firstly, let’s explore the wooden storage ladder idea. This is an extremely simple but effective design which can help to elevate your room to the next level and will allow you to hang towels, plants or storage baskets on. The baskets can either be hung over a ladder rung or screwed to the ladder using screws. You’ll need some straight scraps of wood, these don’t have to be super thick and the colour and quality of the wood is completely up to you. But the finish of wood adds to the final design. You’ll need enough wood for two upr

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  3. The 2020 Bathroom Trend

    The 2020 Bathroom Trends

    2020 appears to be the year for modernisation, with the turn of a new decade just behind us it’s time for you to get up to date with the new styles, trends and bathroom technologies.


    Our first trend suggestion of the year is the rainfall shower, although these may have been stylish for years, this year is the year to invest, swap out your single handheld shower head and swap it for the big one. You can even have both for ease, a small handheld head accompanied by the larger water f

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  4. Emergency Plumbing Solutions

    Emergency Plumbing Solutions

    Often the best way to deal with an issue is to prevent it in the first place, so in this post we plan to help you prevent and if the worst does happen we want you to know how best to deal with it.

    Burst pipes due to freezing temperatures- insulating your water pipes is essential especially if they are placed in cold areas of your home. However, if the worst does happen and freezing does cause an issue then we highly recommend you shut off your water supply as soon as possible.

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  5. Find Independence in Your Bathroom

    Find Independence in Your Bathroom

    As people get older it’s important that their needs are met throughout the house to ensure they feel secure and independent. Having knowledge that your home and everything in it is there to improve safety and confidence around the home is only advantageous to those using it.

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  6. The Biggest Plumbing Myths Homeowners Get Wrong

    The Biggest Plumbing Myths Homeowners Get Wrong

    We want to share with you the biggest and most common myths that most homeowners assume to be the truth when it comes to plumbing. These home truths are probably any plumber’s worst nightmare… but we’ve got to learn somehow haven’t we.

    Firstly, and probably the costliest… ‘a leaking faucet, is just a leaking faucet!’ WRONG! These can be detrimental to your water bills and could single handily lead to the wearing of your fixtures, including rust and mould growth over a period. We know they aren’t too di

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  7. Interior Inspiration: Florals

    Interior Inspiration: Florals

    Florals: some may think they are gone and forgotten in interior design, however, never underestimate the power of a recurring trend! With florals of all kinds constantly being in and out of fashion, we think that they should be considered an interior staple in your home. Whether you like to be subtle or not florals can always, somehow, be incorporated into any room of the house; and the bathroom is absolutely no exception.

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  8. Make Your Bathroom Traditional

    Make Your Bathroom Traditional

    A traditional bathroom will never fall short of beautiful…

    Baths are a very traditional feature in any home, as before showers were a thing, baths were the only thing around for people to wash. Free standing baths are more in keeping with the trend however we recommend getting a bath with decorative feet on it. As well as decorative feet, opt for a very traditional roll top bath for ultimate luxury.

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  9. Masculine Styling

    Masculine Styling

    People instantly assume the bathroom is a women’s meeting point, a place to chat and reapply their lipstick. However, a masculine bathroom on the other hand, is a place decorated in class and simplistic luxury. Often based on mature and simple decor a masculine bathroom exudes sophistication that any woman would also dream of using. With shades of black, white and grey often used accompanied with simple, clean lines masculine bathrooms are clinical in layout not to mention the undoubted purpose being the soul focus of the rooms design.

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  10. Styling and Filling the Space in Your Large Bathroom

    Styling and Filling the Space in Your Large Bathroom

    In larger bathrooms you have room to play with, you don’t have to worry about minimal space or space filling furniture, accessories or baths that don’t perfectly fit your dimensions. This is your time to get creative play around and make your large bathroom lavish!

    Firstly, every large bathroom needs a bath! These can come in all shapes, sizes and positions so don’t be afraid to venture outside of the norm. Try large corner baths, jacuzzi baths or even place your free-standing bath in the centre of your room! Create that roundabout effec

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